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MF 200 LoRaWAN Satellite Gateway

MF 200 LoRaWAN Satellite Gateway

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Satellite terminal interface

MF 200 LoRaWAN Satellite Gateway data sheet.pdf

Note: Inmarsat Satellite terminal and airtime sold separately, please contact MinFarm for local pricing plans here



- Global coverage with the Inmarsat IsatData Pro satellite network
- Compatible with wide range of COTS LoRaWAN sensors
- Easy mechanical integration
- Cloud based interface and API for remote LoRaWAN configuration (No field visits required for reconfiguration)

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Use Case Inmarsat BGAN: 73 cents per LoRaWAN sensor per month

The MF200 uses data acceleration technology for LoRaWAN has been developed by MinFarm in cooperation with the European Space Agency. Read the worked example on data usage and cost per sensor per month over the Inmarsat BGAN network.

Read satellite data usage report

Use Case Inmarsat IsatData Pro: 3USD per sensor per month

The Inmarsat IsatData Pro service supports low cost low power terminals, that are easy to deploy on land, mobile and maritime environments. Typically used with single M2M sensors, the MF200 can nonnect over 100 LoRaWAN sensors to the internet using its data acceleration protocol. Read how the MF200 provides dramatically reduced satellite data costs compared to an off the shelf LoRaWAN Gateway.

Read satellite data usage report

Feature: Manage your satellite billing online.

The MF200 LoRaWAN Satellite Gateway comes with an easy to use web portal for monitoring and limiting satellite airtime costs in real time. An extremely useful tool during the testing phase and OpEx modelling for large deployments, and essential during production phase deployments.